Jobbe Pilgaard

Welcome to my artistic universe. My name is Jobbe Pilgaard, and I hold a degree in social philosophy from Aarhus University. Since 2019, I have dedicated myself full-time to my passion for creating art. My art is filled with colorful watercolors, playful acrylic paintings, and dynamic works created with ink.

As a child of creative parents, it was natural for me to explore the world of the senses. My education has allowed me to combine creativity with the existential and interpersonal, and I strive to capture something universally recognizable in my works.

Through my exhibitions in Denmark and the Faroe Islands, I have gained extensive experience with long-term art projects that create connections and provoke thought by the audience.

I believe that art is for everyone and should be relatable. My ambition is to spark curiosity and wonder in the audience, to create hope, unity, and love. Art is the best catalyst for these emotions. I love collaborating with passionate people, whether in galleries, art projects, or stores that wish to display my art.

I invite you to explore my artistic universe, whether you are looking for a new piece for your wall or wish to collaborate with me. Let's create something beautiful together.

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You are welcome to contact me – whether with praise or criticism. If you wish to retail my works, collaborate, or have a general inquiry, please fill out the form below – I will get back to you as soon as possible.