Frede the Frog + Dementia<br>Both signed

Frede the Frog + Dementia
Both signed

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Info about Frede the Frog:
For +4 year olds.
Hans and Jobbe Pilgaard have together written nine pleasant and thought-provoking stories with lots of humor. The book is illustrated by Jobbe Pilgaard and perfect for reading aloud.

Frede the frog has an awful lot of flatulence, but it doesn't slow him down. He manages to turn his problem into a superpower, so that the frogs finally win over the lead stork that usually grabs a few of them as an afternoon snack. In the book's nine stories, we also meet Nabiha the rhinoceros, Ellen the elephant, Gabi the giraffe and a lot of other animals and a few people, each finding their own way in life. Hans and Jobbe Pilgaard have created a warm and safe universe of wonderful stories that talk to each other across the board. Common to all of them is that they are grown in Faster SquarePants' garden. Because that's where you have to be yourself. Hans and Jobbe Pilgaard are known from TV and podcasts and have many thousands of loyal followers on social media. Frede the Frog, who had so much flatulence, is their debut as children's book authors.

Jobbe Pilgaard (1988) is a trained educational philosopher and works as an independent artist, photographer, writer and lecturer.

Hans Pilgaard (1963) is a journalist, lecturer and author and is especially known as a popular TV host.

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Info about Dementia:
When you have just received the message that your loved one is affected by a memory disorder, there is a need for relevant advice and guidance on how to handle the difficult feelings and situations that arise in all dementia relatives.

Dementia - Create moments in the sun is a development book in which Jobbe Pilgaard, whose mother was stricken with Alzheimer's at the age of 55, tells personal stories that result in methods on how to tackle the emotional and practical challenges that all relatives of people with dementia can recognize.

At the same time, it is a positive and joyful story about a son who wants to get to know the "new" version of his mother and insists on using the experiences he makes on the journey to create good moments for both of them.

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