Noise and concealment (signed)

Noise and concealment (signed)

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1. When you order the book Noise and concealment, you accept that the book is signed and therefore not covered by the normal right of withdrawal of 14 days. You thus renounce the opportunity to cancel your purchase.

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Info to arches:
Hans Pilgaard has always been looking for a place to belong. In this book, the popular journalist and TV host dances with his demons. In diary entries, poems and interviews, he shows the guilt and shame, the concealments and lies, and the dreams and longings that have marked his life. With some trepidation, he talks about keeping the secret of who he really is and about the struggle of desire with the nice upbringing. But he also talks about bonding strongly with life and other people as he portrays his friendships, his overcome cancer, his heroes like Bruce Springsteen and Albert Camus, and a new love affair against all odds. It is a book that celebrates honesty and inclusiveness. A book for the dreamers, for the sinners and for everyone who once in a while needs someone to say: It's ok.

Publisher: Politikens Forlag
Author: Hans Pilgaard and Rikke Hyldgaard
Release date: 11/10/2016
Weight: 726 g.
Width: 155 mm.
Depth: 31 mm.
Height: 229 mm.
Edition: 1
ISBN13: 9788740029772
Format: Booklet
Original language: English