Red Gannets

Red Gannets

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Orange Gannets

About this work
These creatures are all a unique and crucial element for the biodiversity of this area. But their habitats are threatened. The background of these works illustrates the fishing nets that threaten the seven oceans. We must recreate the vivid and exuberant colors of the world for the sake of our descendants. For our own sake. And we can only do that if we stand together to protect these beautiful creatures. These paintings are a reminder to all of us.   A reminder to leave the planet in better condition than we received it. To clean up after ourselves. To love each other. And to appreciate the scream from the sullen and the charming pip from the puffin.

Our original works are all signed and dated.  Only this one copy exists. However, some of the original works come as art prints of varying sizes. All our original works are framed.

50x70 cm.

Frame selection
After your order, we will contact you in relation to your wish for the color of the frame.

We reserve the right to: 1) paint similar works, 2) exhibit this work, 3) reprint art prints of this work, 4) use the work in marketing, 5) use the work in connection with the sale of NFT art. But only one original exists.

Quality assurance
When you order original works from Make Me Wonder, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality product. Our watercolors are painted on 270 gram cotton sheets, which not only means that the watercolor does not fade over time, but also that the colors are expressed as much as possible. The watercolor is then allowed to sit on the sheet, before we carefully put it in our sustainable setting. You can read more about our approach to sustainability by clicking here, or you can read more about our framework by pressing here.