Springtime in My Heart 14 / 25

Springtime in My Heart 14 / 25

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Springtime in My Heart 14 / 25

About this original

Few things on Mother Earth can match the beauty of the butterfly. With elegant lightness, it floats through a day of spring, in search of the next place to sip the nectar of life. However, it is not a flight without turbulence for this fragile insect.

Every spring, fewer and fewer pubes hatch. A butterfly’s dazzling visit - rare and far between. That enchanting and fleeting visit – always leaving us spellbound and dreaming - becoming ever rarer, as we expand, and the butterfly’s natural habitat disappears.

The artwork Springtime in My Heart consists of 25 unique butterflies.

From the colorful and dazzling to the worn, torn and colorless. The work symbolizes the stuffed butterfly, as we know it – behind glass and in a frame on the wall. Lifeless and without the sparkling floating magic from real life without the glass. Like this, the artwork is a symbol of how our descendants may never experience that particular moment of spring in the heart, when this unique insect arrives. A moment of fragile magic. A moment of a dream awakening. A moment to preserve.

Just as the butterfly has done for an eternity. The beauty of the world will be lost forever, if we do not make an effort to protect biodiversity from its destruction.

Our original watercolor artworks are signed and dated. As this is an original piece, there is only this single item available. Some original artworks are sold as art prints as well. All of our original artwork are framed.

This piece comes in a 40 x 40 cm. black oak tree frame.

We reserve the right to: 1) paint similar motifs, 2) showcase this artwork in exhibitions, 3) re-print artprints of this artwork, 4) use this artwork in marketing material, 5) sell this artwork as NFT. But there is only this one original.

Guaranteed quality
When ordering photo art from Make Me Wonder, you are guaranteed a high quality product printed on the very finest photo paper, which highlights the deepest nuances of the photograph. The photograph are then given plenty of time to dry, before we carefully wrap it up or mount it in one of our sustainable frames. You can read more about our take on sustainability here, or you can take a closer look at our frames here.