Giggle<br>30 x 40 cm.<br>Original artwork

30 x 40 cm.
Original artwork

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About this work
Leon the Lion, who was busy trying to look serious at the photographer's, but could hardly stop himself from giggling.

This work is signed and dated. There is only this one copy. Some original works come as art prints in various sizes.

Watercolor on heavy paper.

Quality Assurance
When you order a piece, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality product. Watercolors are painted on acid-free paper. Only acrylics and canvases of the highest quality are used. Danish products are used where possible. Frames are made of sustainable wood. You can read more about the frames by clicking here.

We reserve the right to 1) create similar works, 2) exhibit this work, 3) reprint art prints of this work, 4) use the work in marketing, 5) use the work in connection with the sale of NFT art.